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15 Frugal Billionaires Who Live Like Regular People
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It's a funny old world. Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.

Living on Island Time, All the Time

Join Date: Jun Images: 2. Perhaps the biggest difference between being cheap and frugal is the difference between loving money and loving being in control of your time. To enjoy being frugal requires having a little creativity, a positive attitude and an ability to adapt. Talk about excessive upkeep Attached Thumbnails. I did choose the word "Frugal" carefully Yes I can see that the upkeep on your lifestyle would be heavy.

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Can South Africa Build Yachts? - Cape Town Boat Show Tour

Frankly I have found over the years that the person with the low dollar boat and the least equipment is BY FAR a better sailor than the rich guy with the giant electronics package and the grand yacht. Ironically, in recent thread I was told by CF members that I need an expensive boat and then another grand in upgrades to have a seaworthy boat good for living aboard and cruising. These are the people I would be very very nervous going cruising with and losing sight of land. If you need grand in crap to sail a boat the you don't know crap about sailing.

Frugal sailing is real sailing. Join Date: Oct Good job choosing your term, Weavis.

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When I hear someone being called cheap it usually seems a derogatory term, whereas I think frugality is much to be admired. The frugal person is the one who happily brings a nice economical bean dish to share usually sticking around after to help clean up. Cheap people often have the money but won't spend it, especially if they can find a way to get someone else to pick up the tab. I once had a relative, r.

Frugal people find creative ways to live and meet their own needs within their means, either by working harder, scaling down their expectations, living with less, or a combination of all of the above.

Why Should I be Frugal, When I’m So Rich?

Most of the "cheap" people I know are rarely happy because they are always focused on how not to part with any of their precious cash. Whereas most of the frugal people I have known are usually minimalists by nature and are content with the simpler things in life. This certainly isn't true in every case and may not be a definition that others will agree with, but it's a generalization that works for me. Of course there are always the "others" that are neither frugal nor cheap, and don't need to be. But they would be the subject of another thread. You have to be careful though, I mentioned to my wife that once cruising we could save money buying our clothes from second hand stores.

Luxury is Just Another Weakness

I don't think that went over well , two steps frward, one step backward, gotta learn when saying nothing is better Sent from my iPad using Cruisers Sailing Forum. Originally Posted by a64pilot. FWIW, lots of long term cruisers, many of whom would qualify as frugal, shop the thrift stores for clothing. And yes, ones near up-market neighborhoods tend to have more up-market items in stock. Some of them up their prices to match Jim does I buy almost all my clothes at places like Salvation Army and St.

Vincent, with the exception of undergarments. UV is so hard on fabrics, and quality here so low, that new stuff looks 2nd hand in 6 months. Why sweat it? Leave with what you like, and replace as necessary.

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Keep the clothing simple. Honestly, I like the concept of re-cycling clothing, and feel very comfortable with it.

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I first began using St. Vinnie's when money was tight after my ex left us, and I needed work clothes. So while the practice was driven by poverty in the beginning, I grew to like the lack of concern about the cost of a "new" blouse, or pair of slacks or shorts. Dumpster diving outside pricey marinas yields all manner of useable 2nd hand stuff: slightly stained jib sheet got used for our trolling generator line; found an outboard motor fuel can 5 gal.

I don't think it's bad manners, or despicable, I think it's fun, sorta like a treasure hunt. We also save because we do not run a genset; we do not have a freezer ; we have only one head ; no washing machine, no watermaker. We are self sufficient for electricity, and our autopilot is our highest power consumption item, more than the electric refrigeration.

We live within our power generation capacity, have wind , solar , and engine charging. We mostly sail, not motor or motorsail. We have foot pumps for the galley and head sinks. The only pressure water is for the shower with flash heater in the head, and on the stern. We have an electric washdown pump now, and love it, but managed without for 20 yrs.

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And yeah Dave Ramsey is a real piece of work. The Frugal Sailor You have to be careful though, I mentioned to my wife that once cruising we could save money buying our clothes from second hand stores. Recent Discussions Starlink and it's application to Lost phones and lost laptops happen — especially on vacation. And then seek out additional frugality measures to make his life more interesting?

We live within our income , and some years, still save. So the attitude is "why spend more than you need to? We buy the least expensive wine we're content to drink. But wine's a luxury. The attitude has to do with deeply understanding what is a need food, rest, shelter, water , and what is a luxury. That's all I can think of at the moment that someone might benefit from.

The core concept is to live comfortably within one's income , save for future expenses, and we have had no debt now, since Ann Th. She has bought clothes from consignment shops off and on for years, especially kids clothes as they grow out of them so fast. Sent from my iPad using Cruisers Sailing Forum. Join Date: Sep Ann, Becky, a64pilot, Jim And Ann, we both me and my Ann are with you all the way, especially with the wine comment. What's the saying; Some people know the cost of everything, and the value of nothing.

This seems to me another way to sum up the difference between the frugal and the cheap. And I hope I don't have to tell you which one this saying applies to. Nice thread Weavis. BLOG: www. In my life, I've been around one or two very wealthy people, and a lot of them are frugal. I define frugal as buying something for it's function and quality as opposed to it's brand name.

Years ago when my Brother was in College he worked in Saks Fifth Avenue in Atlanta selling shoes, he had one customer come in dressed pretty plain etc and wanted to buy two pairs of shoes, well he called in the charge because based on her dress and mannerisms he didn't think she could afford them. My Father was not a poor man, yet he dressed very plain and country, amazing at how people will treat you sometimes based on your dress, but do you want to do business with those type of people?

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Most often the people that flash the Rolex and drive the expensive car, wear the "right" clothes etc. These are usually real PIA's, they demand special treatment, etc. I will not associate myself with these types, but that's fine as they don't want my type either Amazingly you can have both types in the same family , I never have understood that. The Prince of Wales doesn't have any of these things. He owns only one car, an Aston Martin, and it's very old.

He doesn't even own a house. The Royal Collection can provide him with access to some of the greatest masterpieces ever painted and he has the use of the Royal Squadron planes and helicopters. For most of his 54 years he enjoyed a private yacht for his holidays. Since Britannia was pensioned off, he has holidayed variously on a Greek tycoon's boat and in villas provided by friends.

Last summer, for example, he flew by 'borrowed' private jet to Italy where he and Camilla Parker Bowles were guests in a villa in Tuscany provided by Lord and Lady Cavendish. His polo ponies of which he is thought to have at least 16 are stabled by the Sultan of Brunei in Oxfordshire and his hunting horses are looked after by his friend Lord Daresbury.

Although he originally bought Highgrove from the Macmillan family in it was bought back from him by the Duchy from whom he now rents it. The palace booklet on how he spends his money makes no mention of his private investments mainly from family settlements, some dating back many years which provide an income of between Pounds , and Pounds , a year. It shows, however, that he receives an income of almost Pounds 10million from the Duchy of Cornwall estates. The greater part, Pounds 5. Nevertheless, according to the official figures, he is still left with Pounds 4.

A large part of this is paid in tax but it almost certainly leaves him at least Pounds 2million to spend each year on himself, Prince William, Prince Harry and, of course, Mrs Parker Bowles. From it he also has to pay for the upkeep of Highgrove and Birkhall. Officials will not reveal precisely how much he spends or what he spends it on. But they do acknowledge probably his two costliest private passions polo and the Highgrove garden.

source In fact they say the prince believes his polo should fall under business expenses because these days he plays it only to raise money for charity around Pounds , a year. Of the 91 fulltime-staff on the St James's Palace payroll, 74 support him in his public role and only 17 are his private domestic servants.